We left Cape Clear island reluctantly. It was so peaceful and happy there. We crossed the water back to the mainland, passing a large island which at the time of St Piran produced bronze. Our next stop was the tiny village of Clareen, and Sier Keiran monastic settlement. We saw the hill and the thorn tree where St Keiran’s copper bell rang and he vowed to build a monastery there. St Piran’s old church inventory of 1200 records a copper bell of St Piran, and a bone staff. We were amazed to see St Keiran’s bush, very like the bushes at Madron well. We tied our strips of material, mainly Cornish tartan and the visited St Keiran’s well from which the water was taken to sprinkle at the monastery on Cape Clear.  More callies, more Guinness flowed, more Irish coffee. We stayed at a castle for two nights. How can we ever forget such moments.           


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