St Piran could well have come to these shores from Ireland. St Kieran is according to legend founder of this cult.scan291 March 5th is celebrated in Sier Keiran in County Offaly as his saints day. Here he established his monastery. Cape Clear island off the southern tip of Eire is his birthplace. Here they celebrate March 5th also. In 2000, the trust organised a coach party to visit these places, We first went to Cape Clear where the islanders were perfect hosts. WE stayed two nights in the youth hostel and had ceili’s together with Sier Keiran villagers also. We paraded round the island, flags flying and stopped at St Keirans stone, where on March 5th every year they celebrate their saints day. Here we walked round the stone ourselves in honour of St Kieran/ Piran.


We made our way to St Keirans church down by the harbour and there sprinkled sand from St Piran’s oratory. The Sier Keiran group brought water from St Keiran’s well and sprinkled that too. After two days of feasting and merriment we reluctantly left this unique little island island and continued our journey to Sier Keiran, to do the same at the monastery there.