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Soldiers at the St Piran Play

Three brave soldiers pictured before their battle on 5th March in which they died heroically.  They were later raised from the…

St Piran Play

Not long now until the St Piran Play – Sunday 5th March at 2 p.m.  Parking at Perran Sands Holiday…

St Piran Play

Sunday 5th March 2017, St Piran’s Day, at Gear & Penhale Sands.  Free entertainment for all ages. The promenade play…

King Arthur

Danny is pictured playing the role of King Arthur in the St Piran Play on 6th March 2016

St Piran Dog

Two early arrivals at the St Piran play on Monday last pose on Gear Sands with their dog and St….

St Piran Play

Alan Kent’s excellent play was well received yesterday following some great acting from the cast, having been so well directed…

3 days to go

St Piran Play.  Please see previous posts.

St Piran Play

Please see earlier posts for details

St Piran Play

Sunday 6th March 2 p.m. at the Concrete Cross, Gear Sands.  Park free at Perran Sands Holiday Centre and take…

St Piran Play

The promenade St Piran Play is to take place on Sunday 6th March commencing at 2 p.m. at the natural…

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