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Fire in Old Church

A most unwelcome sight on new year’s day was the remnants of a fire on the foundation of the tower…

Old Church Beam

This decorated oak beam is thought to have come from the old church.  It may be viewed at Perranzabuloe museum…

MoD Fence

The unofficial entrance onto Ministry of Defence land, at the point where sand and rubble from the oratory was deposited,…

Window Sill

A few pieces of disarticulated dressed stone still lie around the old church.  Here, bottom right, is what appears to…

December Sunshine at the Oratory

The picture captures the oratory as the last of the day’s sunshine bathes the tops of the walls.

Hairy Encounter at the Old Church

The column base at the entrance to the tower at the old church is decorated with a quantity of animal…

Perran Round

The photograph was taken last week.  It shows fungi growing within Perran Round.

Gear Sands

A new gate and fence has been erected at ‘the barrier’ (where the play normally starts).  The fence bounds the…

Perran Round

Dog rose on the bank at Perran Round (June 2013).

The Old Church

The picture from May 2012 shows Eileen informing a group about the excavation at the old church.

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